At Thumbtack Studios, we have a demonstrated ability to translate possibilities into reality. We’re in a unique position to offer our clients this same type of “write your own ticket” guidance.

Authenticity of purpose

We have a genuine and lasting interest in serving clients who are passionate, inspired, and who work for good. We serve individuals and organizations who seek to better our world, and this can take on many different faces: by empowering people in the community, by directly working to protect natural resources, or even by manufacturing superior products or offering exceptional services.

The fallacy of scarcity

The first thing most business schools teach is the “principle” of scarcity. Basically, they say there’s not enough to go around. We don’t agree. Life is not a zero-sum game, and when we work together, everyone can win.

Work = Play

You might sometimes hear us use the terms “work” and “play” interchangeably, referring to design studies as “playing with concepts” or “working with some ideas” etc. No matter what the label, we love what we do, we take it seriously, and somehow the whole process remains intuitive, playful, and powerfully productive.