Quality solutions for your website or mobile app begin with a thorough understanding of your goals.

Website Design, Development, and Launch

From the get-go, we will work to clarify your intent for the project. Maybe you hope to authenticate your services to prospective clients or customers. Perhaps you are offering an online service of some kind, like taking reservations for an upcoming event or distributing useful information. Or maybe you’re selling quality goods online.

Every decision for visual design, navigation/flow, and web functionality will work to support your goals, whatever they may be.

For most purposes, we can set you up with your own content management system and a user manual in plain English, so you can make many of your own updates in the future without the need for a developer’s help. And everything we build at Thumbtack Studios uses best practices for search engine optimization, mobile responsiveness, and browser compliance.

Custom Web Applications

Sometimes your needs are a bit more specific and require custom functionality. We will always look for the simplest solutions first, and we are happy to explore your more complex ideas too.

Mobile Apps (Native, Hybrid, Web)

As part of our web design and development services, we can make most websites perform just like a mobile app on a user’s phone with mobile-specific styling and mobile behaviors (like swiping left and right, for example). Or we can go further to help you engage your customers with the direct reach afforded only with the features and behaviors of a mobile app, like push notifications, geolocate (via GPS), or accessing the device’s camera or contacts.

Start by telling us what you want to achieve, and we’ll help you find the right mix of elements to get you there.