Believing in your dream is the first step toward a successful marketing strategy

But a great plan translates your long-term dream into the necessary, day-to-day details. I begin the design planning process by writing clear, concise goals for our work together. Building from that foundation, I summarize the essential operational details, focusing on how we will compile all the necessary “parts” for our final “whole”.

Complex plans can be difficult to understand, so I take extra care to translate long-range plans into simple, short-term tasks.

For example, we’ll consider the timing of your photography, who will create the copy (text), and how to develop your concept from an idea into a fully-expressed marketing solution. At every step along the way, I strive to anticipate possible pitfalls and present solutions for those contingencies.

The end result of the planning process is a practical, step-by-step plan to help keep our work focused and on track.