Know thyself.

Speak the truth.

Spread the word.

The differentiation process requires a certain sense of self- and/or organizational-awareness. Knowing your unique competitive advantage begins to anchor the characteristics of your brand. Then, we apply the preferences of your target audience(s) to adapt value propositions from the abstract into the tangible. Messaging and visuals unite to create the overall brand identity.

From the onset and over time, all your digital and printed pieces should remain unified by a cohesive set of styles, usually organized in a style guide.

Your Style Guide

A style guide organizes all graphic and text treatments for consistency of your brand across media. Primary and supporting color palette, the design for printed stationary (like cards, envelopes, and letterhead), printed advertisements, web graphics, and outdoor pieces of any kind take a harmonious look for ease of recognition with your audience.

In some cases, our website designs are so comprehensive they can be used as an informal starting point for the style guide, particularly for small or developing organizations. For more sophisticated or mature organizations, we can provide a formal style guide from scratch or adapt one from an existing set of decisions.